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What does “delicious coffee” mean to you? TYPICA defines a delicious coffee as having uniqueness, freshness, transparency, and a story behind it – In other words, a coffee that’s in season and maintains the clear identity of the producer.

TYPICA GUIDE introduces you to people who roast such delicious coffees. Behind every cup of coffee is the effort of countless people working in the farms. Roasters have a vital role to play; they are the last ones in the chain to pass the baton of deliciousness to the coffee drinker. We decided to launch TYPICA GUIDE to shine a light on their work and connect them with as many coffee drinkers as possible.

TYPICA GUIDE is not created by anonymous inspectors, but by a worldwide community of coffee lovers, including coffee producers, roasters, and consumers.

TYPICA GUIDE invites you to a world of new possibilities that opens up when you discover a truly delicious coffee.

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3-Star Roaster

Through the online voting and the TYPICA GUIDE Final Round at Tokyo Port City Takeshiba Port Hall on March 20, 2024.
we picked the roasters we particularly want to recommend.

With a mission to cultivate a globally recognized coffee culture originating from Aomori, COFFEEMAN good focuses on three key pillars: meticulous selection of green coffee, pursuit of originality, and a commitment to regional revitalization. They champion the charm of coffee by actively providing producers with resources and by organizing local events. This proactive approach has led to their steady growth.
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TYPICA GUIDE 2024 Recap: A Platform for Nurturing Individuality, Not A Competition

2-Star Roaster

Special Nominators picked one roaster from each region based on their presentation.

  • Kanto/Tokyo
    LATTEST’s unique strength is rooted in their dynamic team of six female roasters. Amidst the ongoing challenges of climate change, their unwavering aim is to forge lasting and meaningful connections with coffee producers. Committed to bridging the gap between the farm and the cup, the Tokyo-based roasters focus on creating opportunities for both their team and their patrons to truly know the people behind the beans and become passionate fans of coffee producers.
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  • Chubu/Nigata
    Days Coffee Roaster
    With a corporate philosophy of “igniting the heart, creating passionate encounters, and sharing them,” Days Coffee Roaster is dedicated to spotlighting specialty coffee and the faces behind its production. By offering every customer the opportunity to taste their entire range of coffees, they aim to cultivate a community of coffee enthusiasts who appriciate its diverse flavors. Beyond their brews, their efforts extend to nurturing a vibrant coffee culture in Niigata, engaging the community through a variety of events.
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  • Kansai/Osaka
    LiLo Coffee Roasters
    LiLo Coffee is on a mission to share the exceptional delight of coffee with as wide an audience as possible, bringing to light the rich narratives and captivating pleasures behind each cup. Their dedicagtion lies in maintaining the integrity and passion that go into brewing each cup. The Osaka-based roasters achieve this by consistently sourcing green beans from trusted producers.
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  • Chugoku/Hiroshima
    Acting as a loupe that offers a glimpse into the mesmerizing world of coffee, LOUPE COFFEE STAND conveys coffee’s charm from their compact space in Hiroshima. Their transition to in-house roasting was driven by the urgency to share the stories of coffee producers and their hard work with coffee drinkers. Confronted with the widespread issue of coffee’s opaque traceability, they constantly innovate in their approach to storytelling, ensuring that the narrative of each bean is delivered with clarity and passion.
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  • Shikoku/Ehime
    ICOI COFFEE’s journey to starting a roastery was sparked by an awareness of the poverty and inequality that coffee producers face, a reality that hit them during their university days. While they strive for excellence in coffee flavor and service quality, the Ehime-based roasters remain equally committed to sustainability in their business practices. Their overarching goal is to achieve stability not just for their own venture but also for the producers they partner with and the environment at large.
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  • Kyushu・Okinawa/Kumamoto
    JUNCTION Coffee Roaster
    As a roastery that values human connections above all – from customers and team members to business partners – JUNCTION Coffee Roaster has fostered deep ties with numerous producers, including through three visits to Colombia since 2021 for farm tours and competition judging. Inspired by their interactions in Colombia with fellow roasters from abroad, they envision cultivating a similar sense of community in their hometown of Kumamoto, bringing global coffee culture insights to their local setting.
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1-Star Roaster

These nominations are based on the recommendations of TYPICA Community Managers.

Special Guests

Special Nominators consist of coffee producers, roasters, and coffee lovers in various fields from around the world.
They also cast their vote during the Final Round.

  • Business

    Tsunekazu Ishihara

    President & CEO of The Pokémon Company
    Tsunekazu Ishihara is a game producer and creator, as well as the founder of Creatures Inc. and the Chairman of the POKÉMON with YOU Foundation. His career in the gaming industry began with the production of “Pokémon Red & Green” in 1996, marking the start of his ongoing involvement in the creation of every Pokémon video game title to date. Currently serving at The Pokémon Company as the President and CEO, Mr. Ishihara oversees the production and brand management of a diverse portfolio, including video games, card games, multimedia content, and applications.

    -13th Multimedia Grand Prix 1998: MMCA Special Award
    -13th AMD Award: Meritorious Service Award
    -CEDEC AWARDS 2011: Special Award
    -Japan Game Awards 2011: Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
    -Japan Innovator Award 2016: Soft Power Award
    -The Japan Game Awards 2017: Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (Pokémon GO)
    -2019 Institute of Environmental Art and Design: Institute Grand Prize
  • Environment

    Akira Sakano

    Representative Director of Zero Waste Japan
    Director/Co-representative of Green innovation
    Director & Chief Sustainability Officer of ECOMMIT
    Akira Sakano, formerly at the helm of the nonprofit Zero Waste Academy, played a pivotal role in shaping the waste management policies of Kamikatsu Town in southwestern Japan, a small village that made the first Zero Waste Declaration in Japan. Her efforts have significantly advanced waste reduction initiatives both within Japan and on the global stage. Her leadership extended to co-chairing the 2019 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, commonly known as the Davos Meeting. Since 2020, she has been instrumental in developing a blueprint for a circular society through Zero Waste Japan. In 2021, she launched the Green Innovator Academy, an initiative aimed at nurturing leaders capable of driving societal change towards decarbonization. Her commitment to sustainability led to her appointment as Chief Sustainability Officer at ECOMMIT in 2023.
  • Media

    Hiromi Sogo

    Editor-in-Chief at Hearst Fujingaho
    Specially Appointed Professor at Shinshu University
    Hiromi Sogo embarked on her career with Fujingaho (currently known as Hearst Fujingaho) in 1986, assuming the role of editor-in-chief for both “mc Sister” and “25ans” before leaving the company in 1999. She played a pivotal role in launching “Vogue Nippon” (now “Vogue Japan”) and made a return to “25ans” as its editor-in-chief in 2006. She also led the creation of “Richesse” in 2012, where she continues to serve as editor-in-chief. By 2016, she had ascended to the position of Editorial Director within the Luxury Media Group.
    Throughout her career, she has been a steadfast advocate for charity, spearheading book series and annual events that foster reader participation in philanthropy, and promoting the sense of joy derived from contributing to charitable causes. Since 2023, she has served as Head of Editorial Content of Richesse & Esquire’s The Big Black Book, in tandem with her role as a specially appointed professor at Shinshu University. In January 2024, she established Office H.SOGOH.
  • Public entertainment

    Ai Takahashi

    Actor, Model
    A native of Fukui, central Japan, Ai Takahashi is best known for her ten-year tenure with the iconic idol group Morning Musume, where she rose to become the sixth leader and also led the Hello! Project. After leaving the group, she transitioned into acting, gracing stages in musicals, theater, and dramas. Beyond acting, Ms. Takahashi has carved out a successful career in modeling, frequently appearing in fashion and beauty magazines. She continues to broaden her creative endeavors, collaborating with fashion brands to produce items that showcase her distinctive style and even launching her own brand. Since 2011, she has served as the Fukui Brand Ambassador, promoting her hometown.
  • Fashion

    Kanako Sakai

    Designer and CEO of KANAKO SAKAI
    Kanako Sakai honed her skills with designer brands across New York and Japan before going independent. She launched her namesake brand KANAKO SAKAI in the Spring/Summer 2022 season. Her collections uniquely reinterpret and reconstruct traditional Japanese artisanal techniques while aiming to honor heritage and advance culture. She received the esteemed JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD in 2023, which she celebrated with her debut runway show in Tokyo.
  • Coffee

    Teresa Costa

    Co-founder of The Coffee Quest Brasil
    Drawing on her expertise gained at the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association, Teresa Costa, alongside her husband Gabriel, co-founded The Coffee Quest Brasil in 2019. In her multifaceted role as manager, Chief Financial Officer, and Q Grader, she is at the forefront of quality control and fostering relationships with producers. While initially concentrating on exporting to European and American markets, she has, in the last two years, expanded her horizons by partnering with TYPICA. Through this collaboration, she has successfully conducted two offerings in Japan, steadily increasing her fan base.
  • Coffee

    Ayane Yamada

    Co-founder of TYPICA
    Yamada is a co-founder of TYPICA. She is in charge of communication with coffee producers and quality control. After falling in love with coffee when she was a university student, she aspired to work closely with coffee origins. She co-founded TYPICA after accumulating experience as a roaster and working at a coffee start-up.
    Recipient of Forbes JAPAN’s “Top 20 Entrepreneurs in Japan” in 2023.


TYPICA is an online platform connecting coffee producers and roasters around the world to directly trade green coffee.

Headquartered in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Europe, we have around 3,000 registered roasters. This year, we plan to offer coffee from 32 countries. Our purpose is to improve the sustainability of delicious coffee. We are cultivating a new world of coffee with all the coffee lovers.

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