Discover Truly Delicious Coffee

What does “delicious coffee” mean to you? TYPICA defines a delicious coffee as having uniqueness, freshness, transparency, and a story behind it – In other words, a coffee that’s in season and maintains the clear identity of the producer.

TYPICA GUIDE introduces you to people who roast such delicious coffees. Behind every cup of coffee is the effort of countless people working in the farms. Roasters have a vital role to play; they are the last ones in the chain to pass the baton of deliciousness to the coffee drinker. We decided to launch TYPICA GUIDE to shine a light on their work and connect them with as many coffee drinkers as possible.

TYPICA GUIDE is not created by anonymous inspectors, but by a worldwide community of coffee lovers, including coffee producers, roasters, and consumers.

TYPICA GUIDE invites you to a world of new possibilities that opens up when you discover a truly delicious coffee.

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3-Star Roaster

Through the online voting and the TYPICA GUIDE Final Round at Tokyo Big Sight (SCAJ Stage) on October 13, 2022, we picked the roasters we particularly want to recommend.

Raw Sugar Roast
Raw Sugar Roast started out as a wholesale business with a desire to get closer to the production side and have more control over the taste of the final product. One day, they received carefully sealed green beans from coffee producers. They were surprised, because they knew the farmers were struggling financially. That moment, they realized how important it was to improve the sustainability of coffee. With a renewed determination and sense of responsibility, they set off on a new path to fully express the deliciousness of coffee.
Store Information
  • We speak a lot about connection and why it is important. Roasters are in a very important, and very difficult position because you are the connection point between producers, baristas, and end consumers. You are turning green to brown, so you have a big responsibility to not mess it up. And you are doing a great job. Keep it up. Thank you.
    Michal Molcan
  • What is important for me is the fact that you have elevated the consciousness of coffee. And the passion that you are representing here. Coffee is a story. Coffee is about connecting people from the producers to the consumers. Thank you for representing coffee as a counterculture, or as we call it, a revolution.
    Peter Muchiri
  • Thank you for the presentations and great coffees. All of you are the best. Your passion and spirit came across. Coffee connects people. Arigato-gozaimasu.
    Fikri Raihan Hakim
  • I’d like to congratulate all the roasters who made it to the final round. Every single coffee was amazing. It makes me feel proud as a Guatemalan to see our coffee represented far from home on this stage. Thank you.
    Nadine Rasch
  • All the coffees were delicious. And all your movements were beautiful. Seeing someone brew coffee is a part of the fun of drinking coffee. It was really touching to see you do that. I felt that coffee is a culture, community, time, and space that carries the thoughts of producers, peers, and your thoughts for home and for your family. Thank you very much.
    Tomoko Namba
  • All the coffees were delicious, and there was only a very small difference between them. But as is the case with everything else, it is the smallest detail that makes that difference. As fellow creators and providers, let’s do our best together. Thank you.
  • I work in the fashion industry. So I’m not an expert on coffee. But we are the same in that we both convey someone’s passion. I heard the name Edwin from Peru twice today. I’m really interested to know more about him. I learned the beautiful power of coffee to connect passions together. Thank you.
    Chizuru Muko
  • I felt once again that the taste of coffee reflects the roasters' character. A gentle roaster’s coffee tastes gentle, and coffee brewed by someone with a strong will tastes strong. TYPICA’s platform can create new relationships between roasters and producers. I would like to brush up on the platform and create many more new relationships.
    Ayane Yamada

2-Star Roaster

Special Nominators picked one roaster from each region based on their presentation.

  • Hokkaido・Tohoku/Fukushima
    The Ogino brothers decided to start their own coffee shop after falling in love with a cup of coffee. They opened OBROS COFFEE in a less populated area, away from the bustle of the city center, because they wanted to offer such a special coffee experience to people who weren't familiar with specialty coffee. Their goal is to turn more people into coffee lovers, and improve the sustainability of coffee in the process. They are committed to serving “clean cups,” bringing clear tastes and coffee’s different characters straight to their customers.
    Store Information
  • Chubu/Aichi
    little flower coffee
    As a high school student, Honda was a regular at a cafe. And that’s where his journey as a roaster began. The cafe was popular among locals of all generations, and it is exactly the kind of space Honda himself aims to create. Now the owner of little flower coffee, which specializes in blends, Honda is on a quest to introduce more people to the world of specialty coffee. To do so, he devotes himself to expressing the hard work – and hopes – of the coffee producers.
    Store Information
  • Kansai/Osaka
    LiLo Coffee Roasters
    To serve a coffee that’s not just tasty but fun, Nakamura makes it a point to “put human faces” behind each cup. Approachable and entertaining, LiLo Coffee is committed to serving coffee that brings “someone’s face” to the mind of the drinker.
    Store Information
  • Chugoku/Hiroshima
    shimaji coffee
    Shima started his own roastery after he found out how roasting could bring out different characteristics of coffee. Four years have passed, and Shima is now seeing a steady stream of customers seeking high-quality coffee. By buying green coffee from the same place year after year, he has established good relationships between coffee producers, customers, and himself.
    Store Information
  • Shikoku/Ehime
    Sasaki started to dream about becoming a roaster when he was a university student after he learned about the poverty of coffee producers. He is dedicated to keeping his business sustainable while trying to offer delicious coffee and high-quality customer service. Though his shop is small, he has big ambitions. He is working to create a space where people can have fun, learn, and enjoy fair trade coffee.
    Store Information
  • Kyushu・Okinawa/Kumamoto
    Gluck Coffee Spot
    It all started with a desire to buy as much green coffee from producers as he can, and a passion to get more people working in the world of coffee. And Gluck Coffee Spot did just that. In the six years since its founding, the roastery has expanded from a one-kilogram roasting machine to a five-kilogram one, and from a three-man operation to a 15-member team. They’ve been striving to realize a future where people choose coffee not just for how it tastes but who produced it.
    Store Information

1-Star Roaster

TYPICA’s community managers visited roasters and picked their recommendations based on the quality of coffee,
customer service, and the overall store experience.

Special Guests

Special Nominators consist of coffee producers, roasters, and coffee lovers in various fields from around the world.
They also cast their vote during the Final Round.

  • Business
    Founder and Executive Chairperson of DeNA Co., Ltd.

    Tomoko Namba

    Namba joined consulting firm McKinsey & Company in 1986. After earning a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School in 1990, she was appointed as Partner (executive) at McKinsey & Company in 1996. She founded DeNA in 1999, and now serves as Executive Chairperson. She became the owner of the Yokohama DeNA Baystars professional baseball team in 2015. She is the author of “Bukakko Keiei,” among other books.
  • Food and Beverage Industry
    Owner Chef of Quintessence

    Shuzo Kishida

    Kishida was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1974. After training at multiple restaurants in Japan and France, he further honed his craft under the tutelage of Pascal Barbot, chef at Astrance in Paris. After returning to Japan, Kishida opened Quintessence in May 2006. The restaurant was awarded three stars in MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2008, published in 2007, and has won the accolade every year since.
  • Music
    Hip hop artist


    KREVA made a solo major-label debut with a single titled “Neiro” in 2004. Throughout his career, he has always blazed a new trail for solo hip hop artists. He also makes songs for various artists and produces other musicians’ works. He does everything himself, from writing lyrics, composing music, track making, rapping, and producing other artists’ songs. KREVA is one of the most important figures in Japan’s music scene.
  • Media
    Executive editor and director of sustainability at WWDJAPAN

    Chizuru Muko

    A native of Yokohama City, Muko graduated from Tokyo Woman's Christian University and started her career at EDWIN. She joined INFAS Publications in 1999. As a journalist, she mainly reported on fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo. She served as editor-in-chief of WWDJAPAN, a fashion and beauty trade journal. She has been in her current post since April 2021.
  • Media
    Founder and editor-in-chief of Standart

    Michal Molcan

    Michal Molcan is the founder and editor-in-chief of Standart, an independent print magazine about specialty coffee. With a dedicated readership spread across 83 countries, Standart is a Climate Neutral certified business. It was awarded 2021 Best Coffee Magazine and featured in Forbes, Eater and the New York Magazine.
  • Coffee
    Founder / CEO of Rockbern Coffee Group

    Peter Muchiri

    Peter is an economics graduate from the University of Nairobi​. He is also a trained accountant from Strathmore University. His love and passion for coffee can only be traced to his childhood, whereas he grew up in a coffee growing family. A book fiend and an ardent disciple to the Bushido creed. He loves simplicity and mobility. A proud dad and a loving husband.
  • Coffee
    Java Frinsa Estate

    Fikri Raihan Hakim

    Based in Indonesia. Graduated from IPB University with a degree in Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering. A grandson of a farmer and a son of a farmer, Fikri aspired to be a farmer himself since his childhood. He started growing coffee at the family farm Java Frinsa Estate in 2011 and processing coffee in 2014 (first harvest). In 2016, he began coffee exporting, and the year after, started coffee cupping training. His expertise is focused on cultivation and management of Arabica coffee plantations and Arabica coffee processing.
  • Coffee
    Founder & Director of Primavera Coffee

    Nadine Rasch

    Born and raised in Guatemala, Nadine spent much of her childhood on her family’s coffee farm. After studying and working in finance in the UK, she started working in coffee in 2012. Realizing the potential in the specialty coffee market, she returned to Guatemala to work on her family’s farm with coffees from other producers. In 2013, she founded Third Wave Coffee Source Ltd., now Primavera Coffee, to connect the best coffees from Guatemala to roasters in Europe and North America. Nadine is a Certified Q Grader and Q Processor.
  • Coffee
    Co-founder of TYPICA

    Ayane Yamada

    Yamada is a co-founder of TYPICA. She is in charge of communication with coffee producers and quality control. After falling in love with coffee when she was a university student, she aspired to work closely with coffee origins. She co-founded TYPICA after accumulating experience as a roaster and working at a coffee start-up.


TYPICA is an online platform connecting coffee producers and roasters around the world to directly trade green coffee.

Headquartered in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Europe, we have around 3,000 registered roasters. This year, we plan to offer coffee from 32 countries. Our purpose is to improve the sustainability of delicious coffee. We are cultivating a new world of coffee with all the coffee lovers.

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